CADASIL Association

P.O. Box 124

Helmetta, NJ 08828

Phone messages: 307-215-9840

CADASIL Association

P.O. Box 124

Helmetta, NJ 08828

Phone messages: 307-215-9840


P.O. Box 124

Helmetta, NJ 08828

Phone messages: 307-215-9840

Raise Funds for CADASIL

Communication, Awareness, Research, and Education


Looking for ideas on how to help raise money for cureCADASIL Association toward our goals and mission? Here are some suggestions.

We welcome yours, so please share them with us and we can add them here and publish them in an upcoming newsletter.


NEW! Tried and true tips from an expert on holding a fundraiser at your local supermarket -- download the PDF document HERE. 


Know of a local or national organization that supports charities? Does your employer match your own contributions?

Send them a letter. We have donation request templates for your use on request. Contact us for our 501(c)3 non-profit information.


















Amazon: Anytime you shop at Amazon, please go through Amazon Smile and choose cureCADASIL Association

as your charity. Nothing in your original Amazon account will change. Passwords, prices, shipping, etc. will

remain the same, but the association will receive 0.05% of your purchase. Click the image to get started. ------>



Gifts: Looking for the perfect gift for someone? Making a donation to cureCADASIL Association in honor of of someone

touched by this disease is a loving gesture. Click HERE to donate.



Cans for CADASIL: Does your state have deposits on containers? Have a "Cans for CADASIL" Drive! Ask your friends, family,

schools, churches, clubs, etc. to collect their cans and other recyclables and donate the money to cureCADASIL Association.



Goodsearch: Join Goodsearch to raise funds for cureCADASIL Association! Goodsearch donates

money to our cause when you search the internet, shop online, check your local weather, or

dine out at local restaurants. Use to search the internet, and they will donate

a penny per search to our cause. Use when you shop online at participating

stores, and they will donate a percentage of every purchase, plus they offer over 100,000 coupons

to help you save money too. Sign up for their goodining program and they will donate a

percentage of your restaurant bill when you eat at any of thousands of participating restaurants.


It's easy and FREE to turn simple everyday actions into ways to make the world a better place.



Make Change for Charity: Toss that spare change from your pocket or purse into a container. Once every few months, locate a Coinstar or other machine at your local store and donate the cash you receive back to cureCADASIL Association. This would work well in a school or office setting also.



Event Hosts: Know someone who owns a business? Make a call today and ask if the business could host an event to benefit cureCADASIL Association. Many businesses in our communities are willing to partner with a good cause such as ours.


Example: An ice cream or fast-food shop may allow a charity to display their sign next to a fish bowl of other container. Patrons "donate" their receipts for purchases, and at the end of the day the shop donates a percentage of those sales to cureCADASIL Association.


Another: A friend who sells products online or through home parties could donate a percentage of sales at a party organized by a member of cureCADASIL Association.


And another: Have a garage sale! Clean out those closets and pick a date for a garage or yard sale. Enlist friends and neighbors who may want to donate items and help you run the sale, and have fun together while supporting cureCADASIL Association.


Download a small, easy-to use sign to thank patrons of your fundraiser for supporting cureCADASIL Association by clicking HERE.

Click the image above to get started and help support cureCADASIL Association!

iGive: Shop with iGive, where you can sign up to have a small amount of each item you purchase donated (at no extra cost to you) to cureCADASIL Association. Many online stores participate. You may already be using them!

<----- Click the image to get started.

One Thing You Can Do: Your days are busy, and if you have CADASIL, sometimes filled with painful symptoms. Instead of thinking of all the many ways you can help make a difference, pick just one and follow through with it. One person doing one thing can help toward awareness and, ultimately, funding toward a cure! Thank you so much!


cureCADASIL Association


10 Schalks Crossing Road


Suite 501A-133


Plainsboro, NJ  08536



Phone messages: 307-215-9840

Bravelets are special bracelets to support a cause. $10 from each item purchased at the link shown here goes to support cureCADASIL Association. There are several styles of Bravelets available at: